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Administative Council

The Administrative council formed of officially nominated representatives for AMAAC by the oncological societies of each Arabic countries



Adda Bounedjar, MD 

Adda BOUNEDJAR is Chairman of Medical Oncology Department CHU Frantz Fanon BLIDA ALGERIA. He is Professor of Medical Oncology at Blida 1 University. He is President of Algerian Society of Training and Research in Oncology (SAFRO) And Vice president of Arab Medical Association against Cancer (AMAAC). He is member in MENA-NCCN steering committee and in ASCO Clinical Practice Guideline Advisory and he is also member of several international research group and scientific societies (ACHOG, ICRG, saint paul, AMCI, BGICC, ASCO,ESMO…). He published some publications in international journals.

Kamel Bouzid, MD


Abdulla Ajami, MD


Mostafa Elserafi 

Mostafa El Serafi, MD

After his graduation from school of medicine Cairo University in 1969 he had joint the department of surgical pathology at NCI for two years his interest in medical oncology had attracted him to work as a resident in general medicine and medical oncology for three years and gained a diploma in medicine from the same university. He was appointed as fellow at the university of Kansas medical center at USA for two years. Upon his return to Egypt he got Doctoral degree in medicine from Cairo University He was the NCI representative at the GI group of EORTC and shared several important trails with the group. He was elected as chairman for the Mediterranean Oncolgy Society for three years He also had chaired the department of medical oncology at NCI for 9 years and currently the elected president of the Egyptian Cancer Society since 2008 Prof El serafi had several publication on different peer reviewed journal and had supervised more than 30 PHD and MS thesis

Emad Hamada 

Emad Hamada, MD




Tahseen Al Rabei, MD


Khudair Jassim Sabeeh, MD



Sami Khatib 

Sami Khatib, MD


Saeed Al Natour 

Said Al-Natour, MD




Khaled Al-Saleh, MD


Khaled Al Khalidi, MD


Fady Farahat

Fadi Farhat, MD, HHMBA
Professor of Medicine, Hammoud Hospital UMC, Saida, Lebanon

Dr Fadi Farhat is currently Professor of Medical Oncology & Head of Hematology Oncology Division at Hammoud Hospital UMC, Saida, Lebanon
Dr Farhat started his medical training in Oncology at Institut Gustave Roussy, Ville Juif, France (1989-1994). He moved to Montpellier Anticancer Center, France, where he was appointed as associate Physician (1994-1996)
Dr Farhat has been appointed as
* President of the “Cancer Research Group – Collaborative Group” since 2013.
* President of the “Lebanese Society of Medical Oncology” for 2 years (2014-2016)
* Director of the “Evidence-Based Decision Making in Healthcare”- joint certificate of the lebanese society of medical oncology and the High School of Business, Diderot University Paris (2015-2016).
* Treasurer & Co-founder of “Africa Middle East Cancer Intergroup” for research-AMCI (2015-present).

Dr Farhat holds several medical diplomas from different Universities in Paris among which the Diploma of
* Clinical Cancerology - “Université Paris VI - Pierre et Marie Curie”,
* Cancer Pharmacology - “Université Paris VI - Pierre et Marie Curie”,
* Specialization in Medical Oncology - “Université Paris V René Descartes”,
* Hematology - “Université Paris VI - Pierre et Marie Curie”, and
* Breast Diseases - “Université Paris VII”
* Master in Health and Hospital Management - ESA Business School, “Université Diderot – Paris”.

Dr Farhat has authored more than 80 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and published more than two hundred abstracts & posters in cancer research field and was invited several time as national and international speaker.
Dr Farhat is a certified member of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), and member of the European Association of Hematology (EHA), the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and several other international and local professional associations in the cancer field.
Finally, Dr Farhat is deeply involved in research and has been PI or co-PI in many phase III international studies.



Hussein Al Hadi Al Hashemi, MD


Eramah Eramih, MD



Jiddou Abdou, MD


Al Issawi Salem Sidi Mohamed, MD



Hassan Errihani, MD


Said Afqir, MD



Bassim Bahrani, MD



Yousef Hamamreh, MD

Saudi Arabia


Metab El Foheidi, MD


Shawki Bazarbashi, MD



Hussein Maki

Hussein Awadelkarim Hussein Maki, MD
Consultant Clinical Oncologist, General Director of Khartoum Oncology Specialized Center (KOSC). General Secretory & Founder of Khartoum Integrated Oncology World Congress. He has MBBS university of Gezira - Sudan. MSc Clinical oncology – Alkasr Aliny – Cairo University. Fellowship Medical Oncology – Vehbi Koç foundation & University – Turkey. Member & Examiner of Sudanese Medical Specialization Board - Clinical Oncology Department



Mohamed Al Kadiri, MD


Maha Manachi, MD



Hamouda Boussen, MD


Farouk El Banna, MD



Mohamad Abbas Alali, MD



Afif Al Nabhi, MD


Arwa Awn, MD